Matthew 28

“Then Jesus said to them…go and make disciples of all nations…and I shall be with you”
(often referred to as the Great Commission) Matthew 28:18-20

Thank God for our first responders – those who are specially trained to assist in emergency and disaster situations. They are truly amazing people. I’m thinking of firefighters, who rush into a burning building when everyone else is running out. I’m thinking of EMTs and paramedics who are called upon to respond at all hours of the day or night – in many municipalities, without compensation. I am thinking of police officers and disaster team members and medics on the battlefield (think MASH) – all of whom put their own lives on the line to assist others whose physical lives are threatened or in danger. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Saving of human life – it is such a noble and commendable thing. But there is an endeavor that is even closer to the Father’s heart – and that is the saving of souls. How different might our world be if the same effort and energy and zeal were put into BEING ALIVE on the other side (eternity) as went into STAYING ALIVE on this side?

In Luke 19:10 we hear declared the mission of Christ: He came to seek and to save the lost. He willed that none perish.

In today’s narrative, we see a passing of the baton. In essence, Jesus says the “the task that I came to do I am now passing on to you.” His mission becomes our co-mission. And a great one it is indeed.