Matthew 22:1-22

“The Kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son” (verse 2)

What is the worst thing that happened at your wedding? Someone faint? Wardrobe malfunction? At my brother’s ceremony, the best man forgot the rings. I once did a service at which I called the bride by the wrong name. Humbling. I heard about one reception where they ran out of wine – a huge cultural faux pas. Fortunately for them, Jesus was present and chose that day to begin his miracle-working ministry.

But the ‘wedding planner’ in today’s story had an even greater problem – no one had sent back their RSVPs. Usually it is a situation of having too many people, rather than too few. You know how it works. Not wanting to offend, you send out invitations to everyone. In this scenario, however, no one had responded, everyone had an excuse and the groom’s father (the King) was very disconcerted.

Add to that the treatment of the wedding party. We have all heard of brides being ‘kidnapped’ on their wedding days, but this was beyond the pale. People were accosted and even killed. So goes the parable – which we know to be emblematic of God’s desire to seek and save the lost – and thus, his invitation to all. Hopefully we have sent in our reservations and are ready when we get the call to come.

And with that we are positioned to participate in the grandest banquet of them all – the Marriage Supper of the Lamb – where the bride (the Church) and the groom (the Lord Jesus Christ) are wed for all eternity. And that is not parabolically speaking.