Matthew 20:17-34

“What do you want me to do for you?” he asked (verse 32)

Though Jesus knew full well the nature of these men’s needs, this was not a superfluous question. In many instances, the blind were also beggars – as was the case with Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46). In biblical times, it was common practice to give alms to the poor – usually in the form of money or food. The Matthew narrative does not specifically mention this possibility, but the question implies it.

As such, it brings the focus to the matter of their faith…believing for that which would get them through the day (alms) or that which would change their lives forever (physical healing).

The question is wonderfully simple – yet amazingly profound. And God has not stopped asking that question. So what kind of answers are we giving? Are they just for short-term remedies (get me through this crisis) or are they long-term, life-changing, character-developing answers (i.e. make me more and more into your likeness, make me more like Jesus, make me more loving, more lovable, more compassionate, more concerned about the interests and concerns of others, etc. etc.)?

So even though God knows our needs, even before we answer, HE STILL WANTS US TO ANSWER! It is part of the beautiful partnership wherein we align ourselves with God’s will and plan and purpose for our lives.