Matthew 16

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

(verse 26)

Do you ever go to estate sales? Just on a whim, I went to one the other day. I had no idea whose place it was or anything of the circumstances. However, when I saw the line of people at the gate – get this, waiting to be shuttled back to the mansion by limousine, I knew this was going to be special. Upon entering the home, the guests were asked to put on ‘footies’ (a first for me).

And then it happened. We were ushered into the palatial 11,159-square-foot home of a Buffalo business man, known for his charitableness, including having made to Buffalo State the largest one-time gift in the school’s history. Never had I seen such opulence. Situated on a sprawling 57-acre parcel, this home epitomized the luxurious life of the rich and famous. I took some pictures (proof I had been there), played the Steinway piano in the sitting room and made my way back to the shuttle – needless to say, empty-handed.

Later, as I pondered the experience, I couldn’t get away from the thought that whenever we do pass, no matter how much or how little we have – we leave it all! Nothing from the material world carries over. That being said, of course, there’s nothing wrong with having money – particularly when used in part for Kingdom objectives. But the greatest dividends will come in the form of eternal rewards in heaven – where, incidentally, even the back streets and alleys are made of gold.

And the rest of the story: In the CITY & REGION section of today’s Buffalo News there is reported the purchase of the Mill Road estate for $2.5 million dollars by Terry & Kim Pegula. Welcome to the neighborhood.