Matthew 15:21-39

“Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd?” (verse 33)

Someone once said, “We are all skeptics at one level or another,” meaning that from time to time, we all have our doubts. And I guess the twelve disciples were no exception. But still – it just seems to me if anyone’s faith should have been strong and robust, it would have been the Lord’s hand-picked apostles. They walked and talked with him. Not a day went by but what they saw evidence of his miracle-working power – whether it was healing a cripple or restoring a blind man’s sight; casting out a demon or declaring one’s sins to be forgiven.

And yet, when confronted with the situation of yet another large crowd needing food, their faith fell to pieces. They said, “It would be an impossible task; this is a remote place; the crowd is too large; the amount of food needed would be astronomical.” They had every excuse.

Did they not remember – did it not cross their minds – that Jesus had fed an even larger crowd just days before? Wouldn’t one at least entertain the idea that he might just do it again?

I guess we are all prone to forget past deliverance in the face of present difficulty. Almost immediately after the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, they began to fear God would let them perish in the wilderness.

So how do we move forward in building our faith? First off, know that the word ‘doubt’ does not always indicate a lack of faith – sometimes it just means a weakened faith, but not total absence of. So there may be those times when our faith falls short. But we must never give up. May our prayer always be, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”